5/29/14 - Worked on several costume sketches for the main character. Started another story document, talored a bit more to game design. Laying out specific notes about environments, game mechanics and when they are introduced, along with FMV notes. This may be a better way to write this stuff.

5/26/14 - Worked on the story script for the game, and drew a few environment concept sketches for some the corrisponding areas that were written.

5/14/14 - Worked on story document. Wrote random key phrases, and worked on script. Also started concept piece "Escape from the Inferno".

3/22/14 - Began putting together a game design document. Established some game mechanics, bosses, secondary and primary characters. Also, some notes on musical style.

12/3/13 - Started establishing story elements in a story doc. This includes a script for the intro of the story element of the game.

11/7/13 - Painted a main character concept and other sketches for inspirational purposes.

7/15/13 - Decided we want to do a Joust like game for the Jaguar. Talked about mechanics and other things.