Still coming up with the concepts.

What if you take River City Ransom (A NES classic) and take advantage of two team taps plugged into one Jaguar? 4 on 4 death battles, or 8 on 8 cooperative matches against other AI gangs. We don't know if it is possible yet, but we are going to find out.

(all goals are subject to change at anytime)

  • The main goal of this project is to see if two team-taps can be used at the same time, effectively, on the Jaguar.

  • Have "VS" and "Cooperative modes", we are looking for a great party game.

  • Create a game in the same vein as other Beat-Em-Ups, but use the 8 payer possibility to make it awesome and unique.

  • 40+ interactive levels, with secrets and secondary achievements, to increase re-playablility.

  • Create several minigames similar to destroying the car in the Street Figher series, or mario party mini-games.



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