Play on Virtual Jaguar! (Atari Jaguar emulator)



This demo was produced after recieving and invite from Eight Bit Fix to produce a demo for their booth at Portland Retro Gaming Expo 2014. We hope you enjoy it.

We aren't veteran coders, but approaching Jaguar development is made much easier by the great work of veterans like the Removers, Reboot, Matthias Domin, Michael Hill and a host of other great developers. We thank them for helping us get started and making dreams come true.

This demo was created exclusively with the Remover's Library (version 1.3.5) and the Removers Jaguar C Library (version 0.5.10). Which was used and is distributed under the LGPL 2.1 licence. (Thanks Seb!)

The music was composed by Greg Tuby, and is listed as public domain at:

All graphic content and C code, apart from the Removers libraries, is Copyright BitJag 2014.

Thank you!

Box and CD art are included in the program download.


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